Standard scenarios for laser tag games:

Capture the Flag

Goal: to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it to the base of the team.


Team Deathmatch

Goal: to destroy the entire enemy team.


Retention of control points

Goal: to capture the control point and retain it as long as possible.


Capture of the building (car fleet, barracks, headquarter, hangar)

Goal: to capture the building of the enemy and to completely destroy his team.



Goal: One team has to carry classified documents from point A to point B, but another team – to prevent this by making an ambush.


The Box

Goal: To deliver a box with gas masks located equidistant from the teams to the base of your team.


Theft of classified documents

Goal: Steal classified documents and deliver them to your base.


Open games

GoalAll participants will be  divided in two teams.


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