For professionals

Polygon 1 offers opportunities of professional training for groups of people requiring development of physical skills, as well as maintaining and improving agility, endurance, concentration and ability to make quick decisions.

Military tactical game base Polygon 1 is suitable for training and practising sports and professional disciplines for organizations, sports clubs, camps and all those wishing to develop their skills by spending quality time.

For training, Polygon 1 offers indoor and outdoor areas with multi-storey buildings, sheltered hangar and other buildings of the former military unit, as well as equipment rental (weapons with infrared beam, inflatable figures) needed for mastering skills and manoeuvres. You can plan individual lessons, selecting the necessary weapon kits and areas that allow to get prepared for certain situations and improve the skills of your team.

Laser tag is suitable for people with different desires and levels of training. Trainings and games create an imitation of a real battle requiring attention concentration, composure and reaction speed of participants to achieve their goal. This kind of training disciplines players and helps to develop their physical skills. Whether it is a game or a training session, you will be able to get a good shaking and adrenaline rush, which is needed for those who get tired from doing monotonous work or do not have opportunities to improve their physical fitness required in the workplace.

Regular physical activities help to maintain the body in good shape, inure oneself to discipline and personal leadership. High-duty work schedule accrues stress that causes emergence of diseases, emotional and physical decline. Sports create an emotional relaxation and removes stress accrued during daily routine. Trainings strengthen the immune system, increase brain activity and overall state of health, thus improving productivity and energy level of a person. Such trainings will be useful for professionals (for development of professional skills) and untrained people. The level of physical activity can be chosen depending on the game scenario, duration of the training and equipment to be used.

To schedule a training, please call +371 2020 7293 or send an e-mail: We will schedule for you a suitable time, area and equipment so that you could get the maximum benefit and enjoyment of sports activities in the territory of Polygon 1.

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