Game rules


Laser tag is a real-time military sport recreational activity where players attempt to defeat the opponent by tagging targets or using special scenary devices, typically with a weapon mock-up – a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device.


1. Basic Concepts

Vacuum cleaner – shooting blindly when it is impossible to be shot in return. For example, a protrusion of the weapon around the corner or from the cover position, a protrusion of the muzzle in small holes or openings. Holding the weapon unnaturally, for example, holding an assault rifle with one hand and turning the wrist in order to shoot round the corner is considered to be an aggravating circumstance. Not allowed.
If agreed by both teams, firing short burst from behind cover might be allowed if holding the weapon naturally.

Ostrich – aimed fire when it is impossible to be shot in return. For example, hiding a sensor by hand or any other material not allowing the rays to come through, hiding the head fillet when being in the cover position. Ostrichism is strictly forbidden.

Unsanctioned respawn – reboot or respawn of the weapon during the battle (by using a control panel, first-aid-kit or switch on/off in the Home Style mode). Not allowed.

Bound shot – optical phenomenon that reflects the attacking ray from different surfaces. There are no restrictions when using the bound shot.

Equipment adjustment (firmware) – only the game facilitators can change a setting mode of the weapon (health, life, battle reserve, etc.) before the game begins. Self-willed changing the mode of devices is not allowed.

2. Playing Devices

Bombshell, landmine

The facilitators have a right to prohibit the usage of bombshells that are integrated into nonstandard mock-ups or if they think the mock-up does not meet the safety standards.
The bombshell/landmine cannot be activated by the "dead" player. It is not allowed to display activated bombshells keeping them hold and hiding from destruction.
There are 3 rule variants possible when using a bombshell/landmine repeatedly:
1) Single Use (on default) bombshell/landmine is used only once in the life of the owner (it is possible to use a bombshell again after using the first-aid-kit).
2) Self ReUse bombshell/landmine may be reused but only by the owner.
3) Full ReUse bombshell/landmine may be reused by any player including opponents. In this case only the "alive" player can pick up a bombshell/landmine for reusing. The bombshell/landmine must be returned at first demand of the owner.


"Dead" players cannot use a knife. When attacking with a knife it is not allowed to physically trespass the opponent. It is not allowed to use the knife simultaneously shooting from the two-handed weapon held in the second hand. One mode of using the knife might be chosen:
1) Stealth mode. It is allowed to use the knife only beyond combat cooperation with the opponent (usually by sneaking up behind). Thus any, even reflectory, close fight techniques are excluded.
2) InCombat mode. It is allowed to use the knife in the process of combat cooperation (fire-fighting). It is also allowed to repel the hand with a knife, but nothing more.
3) Hardcore mode. It is allowed to use the knife in the process of combat cooperation, and it can be used when defending different close fight techniques (as agreed before).

Doctor’s Console

Console settings are negotiated before the game starts and they cannot be changed in the process unless both teams agree otherwise. "Dead" players cannot use the doctor’s console to help the teammates. After respawning of the player the doctor’s console reserves are restored. Doctor’s console cannot be given to other players; it is used only by the owner (if not agreed otherwise). It is not allowed to restore the doctor’s console reserves on the battlefield without permission.


Fillet must be fixed on the fighter’s head maximally parallel to the ground. It is restricted to cover the sensors with infrared rays-proof clothes (hoods, brims, etc.). It is not allowed to switch the fillet off or take it off the head (or move to another part of the body) during the fight.

3. Players’ Interaction


Unless otherwise agreed, only "alive" players can communicate (walky-talky, direct, gestures, mimics). When playing specialty matches (with or without a small number of respawns) any messages from  "dead" players are absolutely forbidden. In sports or tactic scenarios this rule can be changed if both teams agree. Radio intercept are allowed by agreement of the teams.

Contact with an opponent

Physical effect is not allowed. Particularly, while the close collision with the opponent not allowed:
- rejecting, grabbing, or holding the opponents’ barrel;
- close fight holds;
- pushes, splits, other disorderly activities.
Exceptions: property protection or players’ health protection, as well the reaction to the knife in the InCombat and Hardcore modes.


The players respawn only at their proxy bases with the help of the first-aid-kits. It must be specified in advance whether the player with no ammunition left considers to be killed. Players are not allowed to move the first-aid-kits except for situations when the equipment might be damaged (when it rains, for example). It is not allowed to capture the opponent’s first-aid-kit. All the exceptions must be specified in advance.

4. Penalty for Breaking the Rules

Instructor  – a person maintaining the order during the game. Facilitators automatically become instructors. During the specific fixed games each team can choose their instructor who can be trusted as an honest referee.
Penalty – punishing a player to maintain an order during the game. Variable. May be imposed only by instructors.
Procedure of violations disclosure:
1) Accusation of a player – any player may accuse another player if there are one or more impartial witnesses. If accusation is not proven, the accuser is fined.
2) Prosecution evidence – investigating the situation with the obligatory participation of the instructors. The accuser must describe the situation and name the witnesses. The person being accused expresses his point of view. On the basis of information received the instructor takes a decision.
3) Investigation time – when investigating minor violations (not strongly affecting the balance or the process of a game) it is done after the specialty match is over. In case of serious violations, due to which one of the parties gained the overwhelming advantage, investigation begins immediately.

5. Types of Penalty

- warning;
- execution, that is exclusion from the site of a battle to the "dead" players zone ;
- increasing the time of being in the "dead" players zone;
- disqualification within a certain time limit;
- disqualification till the end of a round;
- disqualification till the end of the game.



1. Playing in any state of intoxication!
2. Channelling weapon on people outside the game zone!
3. Coming at the playing field without instructor’s allowance.
4. Hiding the defeat sensor.
5. Throw and drop a weapon in order not to break it and avoid a costly repair!
6. Switch on and off the equipment during the battle in order to renew the number of lives. Reactivating the equipment without an instructor is impossible.
7. Be at the game zone after "death" if it is not provided for the game scenario.
8. Using F-words or physically contacting the opponent: club, cuff, kick, head-butt, grab, or throw down.


1. When moving the players must pay attention to all the obstacles and hazards, leading to overbalance.
2. If one of the players gets injured, the instructor must be IMMEDIATELY notified.
3. During the breaks between the games a weapon must be put down carefully, previously hanging on it the head fillet.
4. If the weapon does not work or there are other technical problems, the instructor must be informed.
5. The players must follow the safety regulations and fully comply with the instructors’ orders and requests.


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