If you will ask any citizen of Latvia to name a place that is definitely worth a visit, be sure that in answer you will hear: “Of course, Sigulda!”. Because of its incredibly beautiful nature and architectural monuments, named "Little Latvia Switzerland".

Sigulda is located 53 km from the capital, at the coasts of the winding Gauja - the most beautiful river in Latvia. People have settled in these picturesque places since ancient times.

In Sigulda you can get acquainted with the history of Latvia and take a visit to the tourists places such a Turaida medieval castle, Gutman Cave - which has been saved since the 17th century, Sigulda medieval castle, Sigulda new castle and other exciting places. The opera festival is taking place in the city, and it is also in Sigulda that there is an artificial bobsleigh and toboggan run. Sigulda is considered the main place of winter sports in Latvia, because there are regularly held competitions in various types of winter sports.

There is still no consensus on why the castle in Sigulda got such a name - Zegewold. Either from the name of the crusader Zigwald, or from the Old German word (Sygewald), (Zigwald - German. Siegwald "Forest of Victory"). The founding date is considered to be 1206 - the year of foundation of the Zegevol castle by the Order of the Swordsmen.

The history of our country have many mysteries, which you can discover during excursions. What could be better than a cognitive walk in the fresh air? And if you complete the excursion days with an exciting laser tag game ?!

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