Polygon-1 offers organizing and carrying out various events for all groups – small and big groups, children and adults, schoolchildren and employees of an organization, stag and hen parties.


Typically, a birthday celebration is carried out with family and friends at home, in a cafe or restaurant, entertainment centre or countryside. If you want to make this day vivid, bright, lively and memorable, Polygon 1 is an excellent place to spend your celebration. You can combine celebration in an area for recreation and picnic with a laser tag game, or you can rent equipment for the game in the place where you want to celebrate your birthday. Select one of the proposed scenarios or create your own scenario based on your favourite movie, ideas or wishes, and your birthday will be full of delight!

At the Poligon-1 entertainment centers territory, everything has been done to children's laser tag games, holding various relay races, contests, competitions and subsequent relaxation in a picnic area or banquet hall. If you want to make a children's event unforgettable, then Poligon-1 will allow children to give freedom for action and let to release the most ambitious ideas for children's holiday.

We can help to plan and organize children`s party with every personal needs and wishes. Celebration in the open air is always a pleasure for children and adults!


Hen and stag parties

The military theme has always been popular at stag parties. This is a good way to have fun with your friends and get an adrenaline rush at a stag party with guns and grenades, to compete with your friends for the most accurate shot at a target or to capture a control point in the territory of barracks with numerous rooms and obstructions. A hen party in the territory of the base Polygon 1 will not be less memorable, because girls dressed in military outfits with machine guns in the hands are a rare sight.

Our experienced instructors will help you to select the scenario of the games, taking into account the number of players, their level of training and the equipment selected for the games.

To make this day more memorable, a photographer can capture the brightest moments of the event, and the pictures will remind you of this wonderful day!


Corporate parties

In the territory of the base of Polygon 1, there is an opportunity to carry out a corporate game of laser tag, to rent a guesthouse with a banquet hall, baths and sleeping rooms, as well as to use a picnic area.

Sporting events for a staff contribute to development of such qualities as team cohesion, effectiveness, ability to allocate roles and responsibilities, and trust among employees.

Polygon 1 offers organization of tournaments (quarter or annual) with further awarding of teams and individual employees with cups, diplomas and medals for their outstanding achievements and victories in the games. In conducting annual tournaments, a challenge cup is a particularly interesting award, which passes to the winning team each year. It develops a competitive spirit, commitment and desire to improve. This kind of event will leave an afterglow to the participants!

Off-site corporate parties

From day to day, employees come to the same place to perform their job duties. The lack of changes causes a gradual accumulation of fatigue and stress.

To defuse the working environment, you can give the staff an opportunity to take out the emotions and get an adrenaline rush right at the workplace. Carrying out laser tag games is not only possible on the base of Polygon 1, but also in any other place, such as your office building, where such kind of fun will be remembered for a long time.

The game of laser tag carried out right in the office will allow the employees to distract from the work environment and to remove the accumulated tension, as well as to associate the workplace with something funny and vigorous in the future. Imagine the surprise of employees at the unusual end of a working week – the opportunity to run and shoot at the colleagues, ambushing or playing by one of the proposed scenarios. Perhaps you have individual wishes regarding the scenario and theme of the game, which we can arrange in a convenient place and at a convenient time, providing your team with all the necessary equipment. Our experienced instructors will train and tell about variations of scenarios. The service cost includes the hourly equipment rental, the work of trainers and delivery of the ordered equipment to the arranged location of the games.

Diversify lives of the employees, bringing some creativity, positivity and vivacity!

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