Polygon "Sigulda"

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  • Car park

    Players count: 2-16 | Age: 4+

    Car park and the auto repair garage keep the military vehicles on the territory, which can serve as a hiding place and a fence from fire of the enemy. The park will be interesting both for battles and for exploring the equipment of wartime

  • Barrack

    Players count: 2-16 | Age: 8+

    Abandoned military barracks with numerous rooms where once was heard the roar of an army and tramp of soldiers' boots – all this created a special atmosphere for the fight - every move becomes a threat to the life of the player. Any lasertag game in a for

  • Headquarters

    Players count: 2-10 | Age: 6+

    During the wartime, under the leadership of commander of the headquarter were solved the combat missions, kept the military banner units. Among the army men of this part the orderly were appointed. They guarded the military banner with a gun on the chest.

  • Hangar

    Players count: 2-10 | Age: 12+

    A two-level hangar on the area of Poligon-1 could serve as a storage for munitions, automotive parts for military equipment, fuel, as well as uniforms of personnel and stuff for cleaning the territory of military grounds.

  • Tents


  • Lounge

  • Lounge

  • Lounge

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