About us

The network of sports and entertainment centers Poligon-1 is a great place for those who love new experiences and outdoor activities. In 2014, we were the first creators of tactical gaming space, laser tag arenas, and embraced this new entertainment format, suitable for almost any age players. Laser tag is active, mostly outdoor real life shooting game that doesn't bring any harm to players or game arenas surroundings. Laser tag weapons "shoot" harmless laser beams and the main goal, ofcourse, is to hit as many enemy players as possible. It's a team competition, that's why its interesting and  often creates real adrenaline rush in many players. This game helps laser tag warriors to develop sports skills, tactical thinking and helps them get more fit, as they must move almost all the time they are in arena. It's fun to play in every age - teenagers love it, older generation finds it fun and professional sportsman often try it as an unorthodox way of training.

Your true emotions, comfort, safety are our priorities! ­­

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