About us

Both hardy and strong in spirit men and women and children are playing the laser tag with pleasure. It requires players the ability to play as a team, reaction, attention concentration and the most important thing - desire. Laser tag will be an unforgettable game battle that will be remembered as celebration of events with friends, colleagues or just interesting, exciting pastime.

In 2016, a new game arena was recently opened on the territory of the factory “Radiotehnika RRR” (Kurzemes prospekts 3). Visitors will enjoy the new surroundings, interesting missions and test their tactical skills. The game principle remains the same at both polygons. In addition to the existing game arenas, the company “Poligon 1” organizes away games, participate in a variety of sports events, festivals, exhibitions, city festivals and presentations. Also, “Poligon 1” organizes missions in the abandoned town “Skrunda-1”, so the adrenaline is guaranteed.

Poligon 1 offers sports recreation for the whole family and is gaining popularity which is also associated with a well-crafted technique of playing the game and realistic weapons. Arsenal of weapons is very diverse, ranging from the very simple and light, which is very convenient for those who play this game for the first time, up to very heavy and brutal weapons. Another feature is that the game weapon is allowed for sale. The laser tag fans have the opportunity to purchase favourite weapons both for wholesale for their own business and retail - for personal use. Laser Tag – it is comfort, environment and realism.

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