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Poligon-1 never stops and recently the list of “Riga Laser Tag Centers” was supplemented by a novelty and named by “Ghosthouse” or “House of Ghosts”.

The legend of Ghosthouse says that some time ago hotel was inhabited by guests. It attracted people from all over the world, and friendly staff warmly welcomed guests. Every evening in the hotel hall concerts were held with live music, people came to celebrate weddings and just had enjoy. During the day, the guests enjoyed outdoor relaxation in the hotel courtyard. But one day everything has stopped ...

For unknown reasons, everyone who was at the hotel disappeared without any trace, leaving belongings. The empty hotel, overgrown with cobwebs, has been abandoned for years. The locals tended to keep away from the place, complaining for scary sounds coming from the hotel.

Players will up against the paranormal phenomena of an abandoned hotel and test their tactical abilities, accuracy and team skills in a non-standard and even in a mystical environment. Adrenaline, positive emotions and an exciting game are guaranteed to everyone.

Ghosthouse has two gaming arenas in the new Laser Tag Center.

The concert hall with the mysterious labyrinth is located inside the hotel - in this case, the laser tag game takes place indoors and is perfectly fits for any weather conditions.

The territory of the hotel is a courtyard with a garden and a swimming pool, wooden structures are installed as shelters, if you are planing an active great outdoors awayce from the bustle of the city life - this arena is perfect for you.

More detailed description you can find at  “Arenas”.



As at our other Laser Tag Centers you will be met by our experienced instructors who will familiarize you with the game in detail. Keep in mind the gaming experience and physical fitness are not important - it will be fun for everyone, children and adults.

Poligon-1 as always will taking care about your comfort. For you are availeble:


Separate changing rooms;

Heating (in winter);

Free parking

The new Laser Tag Center “Ghosthouse” is the best place for celebrations (children's birthday, company party, bachelor party and hen nights, etc.). If you plan to arrange a holiday, we will help you with the organization. In addition to the laser tag game, we offer you a banquet hall or picnic places with barbecue facilities.

We’ll be waiting for you!

Mūkupurva iela 19B, Rīga, LV-1029 ATENTION! Entrance to the car parking from Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve street (Jurmala highway)!

+371 2730 7674


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